Is Something Off In Your Room? Here's How to Fix It!

Posted by Donna Dorrell on

Do you ever walk into a room in your home and something seems off?  The interior design just doesn’t seem right.  You may not be able to place your finger on it immediately, but when your sense of design is thrown off, that means something is wrong.

There are several reasons why the interior decoration in your room may be thrown off.

The Home Furnishings. You may have a rug in the room that is too big or too small, your patterns are too complex or there are simply not enough patterns to break up solids, or maybe there is just a lack of color. 

Lack of Balance. You may not be happy with the configuration, or the furniture needs to be rearranged. There also may be too much going on one side of the room and not enough going on the other.

You can also try luxury home furnishings that, even if they are minimal, still bring out the wow factor in a room.  It is also possible to mix and match different items, patterns, or styles to add some new flair to a room.

Learn more by watching the video below:

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