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Hi Fellow Nesters! 
The base of a room is super important and I know we all desperately want to get it right and put the dollars in the correct category.
Upholstery items:  A new, lower grade sofa can easily be purchased from many retailers (local or online) for under $1000.  The construction, fabric power, cushion make-up and materials, if utilized for normal wear and tear, may last for 2-3 years.  Mass production with inexpensive materials simply show earlier signs of age.  A higher end, USA made sofa, that is 8-way hand tied with quality materials and cushion construction, if experiencing normal wear and tear, will easily last up to ten years.  I recently worked on a project with a lovely lady who's had the same sofa for 40 years; USA made, reputable company, impeccable construction.  She loves the frame and has chosen to recover the same sofa several times over the years, instead of purchasing new!  
If you are in the process of tending to your Nest and would like some assistance, we are available to help.  Let us help you make beautiful, sustainable choices that reflect the uniqueness of YOU!
Stay tuned for more tips!

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