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If you are one of "us," then welcome to the club!   A home full of warmth, love and beauty is a priority.  Others feeling welcome, at home, at ease, and inspired is important to us.  
"Nesters" collect and curate over time and things can get a little out of hand.
Here is an important tip I've learned along the way, which in the end, creates long-term benefits:
Let go of clutter.  Don't overthink it.  Out with the old - in with the new.  Think resell or donate on replaceable items.  Storage fees and overstuffed garages be gone!  Family, friends and charities love and appreciate our gifted items that are in good condition.  If thinking about resale, consider the energy involved and time spent in order to do so.  In the end, it may be better to donate and bring a smile to someone's face; a long lasting beneficial decision with no regrets.
If you are in the process of tending to your Nest and would like some assistance, we are available to help.  Let us help you make beautiful, sustainable choices that reflect the uniqueness of YOU!
Stay tuned for more tips!

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