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It does not have to be "feast or famine" in our Nest.  Sure, we get out and go, dine out, door dash in, but Nesters still love to cook and gather.  It is important to us!
Dining:  The dining table is not the most expensive part of your dining purchase.  9 times out of 10, it is the chairs.  Choose the look and design that you absolutely love for the table.  Keep in mind that the quantity of chairs for dining is usually no less than six.  When purchasing chairs, determine the type of use that will occur.  Chairs can be purchased for  $300 or under.  Construction issues may be a problem in this price bracket so expectations should be reasonable.  If your goal is to have chairs that are built to last, you may want to look into a custom dining selection and seek a reputable brand.
If you are in the process of tending to your Nest and would like some assistance, we are available to help.  Let us help you make beautiful, sustainable choices that reflect the uniqueness of YOU!

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