Meet The Owner

Donna Dorrell

Welcome to our DHF Family,

We are family owned and operated.  This extends to everyone on our unique Team that helps this place stay in motion.  Our heart for home considers you a part of our family as well!

We have expanded our model to include Summer Classics and Gabby, whose heart for family and design are a perfect match…”Life’s Best Moments….Furnished!”

I spent years as a single mom – blessed with 6 uniquely different children who are now wonderful young adults.  I gratefully call them friends.   We have expanded our family to include three scrumptious grandchildren.  They are the BEST!  And, I am happily newly married to a wonderful soul mate who brings two exceptional sons. 

Necessity was always the mother of invention!  With small budgets and toddlers galore, much of my interior design knowledge has been completely hands on whether at a sewing machine or experimenting with a paintbrush. At 50…something, I completely see how life’s experience can add dimension and depth to creativity, design, and courage.

Family, true friends, and home are my deepest loves. My own “nest” reflects love, joy, happiness, and color! It brings me incredible happiness to know that my special ones enjoy relaxing, entertaining, celebrating and sharing all of the ups and downs of life in the house I get to call home.  

I’m practical and impractical, traditional and transitional. I love whimsy, unexpected punches of color and great art, but I also love structure and objects in pairs. I believe this connects with many people who are in the process of creating or emphasizing their own spaces. Which is why at Donna's you will find a good product mix within a wide price range while offering customization and design assistance. 

I search for the unique and strive as a buyer for objects and furnishings that exemplify quality and value.

I hope you stop in and are inspired by what Donna’s has to offer! You are important to us and it is my desire that no one leave here without feeling our warmth and appreciation.

For those of you that have allowed us to be a part of your home choices already, THANK YOU!  It’s been a true privilege.

Donna Dorrell