Designing With Mirrors

Posted by Donna Dorrell on

Mirrors are one of the most classic room accents; having been used in interior design and decorating for hundreds of years.  They not only reflect us, but they can also work to reflect our personality and style, since there are so many types and variations.

Did you know that mirrors also have multiple functions in design? There are many different design techniques you can use with mirrors:

  • Use Them Over Nightstands. If your space lacks additional light, one easy technique is to use them over nightstands in order to allow the reflection of multiple light sources.
  • Use a Lamp in Front of The Mirror. Similar to the above, this also offers the room added light.
  • Use Large Mirrors in the Living Room.  If you have a large dining room table and use a mirror to reflect it, the space automatically looks bigger.

Watch the video below to learn more ways in which you can use mirrors to add interesting design elements to your home.

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