Brand Showcase: Feizy Rugs

Posted by Donna Dorrell on

We’re crazy for Feizy! 

Feizy rugs are exceptional, high-quality rugs that come in all standard sizes, from small mats, to large 8x10 rugs.  In addition, Feizy rugs are also woven with colors, designs, and textures that are on-trend.

These rugs are great because they offer old class aesthetic with modern design; making them perfect for interior design and home decorating. Thus, you get both quality and high design elements with each rug. 

Design your home from the rug up; use a rug in expected places, such as a large rug in the living room or underneath a dining set, or use a rug underneath the bed, to accent a desk area, and so on.  

Watch the video below to see some of our favorite pieces: 


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