Best Rugs For An Open Concept Room

Best Rugs For An Open Concept Room

Do you have an open concept room in your home?  Perhaps the living room is adjacent to the kitchen with its own island.  Or, there’s a room in your house that has a split living space and office.  When it comes to interior design, open concepts are a hot design trend, but how can you best tie together both sections of the space?

Rugs are a great way to do just that!  You can use nice rugs, that do not necessarily have to be expensive, as a way to tie together all elements in an open concept space.  The best rugs to use in an open concept room are those that are similar in texture and/or color but have different patterns.  This allows both cohesion and a sense of balance, but still allows each room to be unique in its own right.

Watch the video to learn more:

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  • Donna Dorrell
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