Want To Add Florals To Your Interior Decorating? Here's How!

Posted by Donna Dorrell on

With spring in the air, one question we get most often is - do you have any florals?  Typically, we do have florals in stock, but often a secondary question is, "how do I make florals work?"


Why Florals Are Great For Interior Decorating

Florals are perhaps one of the oldest interior design trends, and for good reason too.  Florals are a great reflection of nature and without them, your space can often read as cold and uninviting.  We have been decorating with florals for centuries and with summer on the horizon, and the weather in full spring, it's always a good idea to utilize this tried and true pattern. 


Tips For Interior Decorating With Florals

First and foremost, you want to stay away from silky florals or anything that can come off as too dated.  Even though florals are an older design trend, they still offer many ways to get a modern feel for them.

In addition, you also want to utilize florals that are pleasant to the touch.  Finally, you want florals to compliment your space, not look in opposition to it.  Thus, if you have a lot of cool colors you want to add florals as a dominate touch, but if you already have warm colors it should be treated as an accent. 


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