Mixing Home Furnishing Statement Pieces In A Room

Mixing Home Furnishing Statement Pieces In A Room

Here at Donna's we have so many great statement pieces that it can often be hard to take just one home with you.  Too often we think that's exactly what we need to do, limit ourselves to one.  However, that isn't always true! 


Why Home Furnishing Statement Pieces Are Always A Great Addition 

By definition, statement pieces are a way to start a conversation about the object in question, as well as offer a window into your unique personality and likes.  When we have statement pieces, we are telling our guests that we are welcoming questions and hinting out our personality.  It's the best way to showcase personal style. 


Mixing Home Furnishing Statement Pieces In One Room

Despite what we sometimes tell ourselves, there is nothing wrong with picking up more than one statement piece.  In addition, it's also perfectly accessible to have more than one statement piece in a room.  The key is to use them to compliment each other rather than have them fight for the attention of guests.  In addition, consider using complementary colors, schemes, and styles. 


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