Matching Your Wall Coloring To Your Favorite Furniture Brands

Posted by Donna Dorrell on

You have all the right furniture and home furnishings accessories, but your room still seems off somehow. What's missing?

It could very well be the wall coloring!  Too often we become so fixated on the pieces that go into our room that we do not pay attention to the walls palettes we are using. 

Why Wall Coloring Matters 

The colors we choose for our walls can set the complete tone of the room; whether warm and inviting or more cold and studious. You can use wall colors to create different segments in the same room, such as breaking up the master bedroom into the sleeping section and a reading nook. Or, you can use the color of the wall to make the room seem larger and more open. 

Matching Wall Coloring to Furniture 

You can also use wall color to compliment the furniture that is in your room, whether by contrast or to pull out specific colors.  There is a lot you can do with wall color.  Remember, our designers are always ready to give you a helping hand to curate your life! 

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