Lee Industries Performance Fabrics, What Can They Do For Your Furniture?

Lee Industries Performance Fabrics, What Can They Do For Your Furniture?

After a long day, many of us like to relax with a nice glass of wine, or sip our morning coffee before we even start the day.  However, sometimes this can mean disaster if we spill it on our upholstery.  In addition, if you are a mom, you also know how easy it is for your kids to spill something on the furniture.  

If this has happened to you – you’re in luck!  We now have Lee Industries performance fabrics in stock!


What Types of Lee Industries Performance Fabrics Types Are Available?


Although, there are many types of Lee Industries performance fabrics in stock, I’m going to highlight three in particular:

  • Inside Out: This is an indoor/outdoor fabric which is not only stain resistant but fade resistant as well.  With this type you may get seepage into the fabric, but not into the fiber. 
  • Krypton: This fabric is made with a specialized chemical that keeps it from absorbing into the fabric.  This fabric also comes with nice texture and color variations as well. This is a great performance fabric because if you pour anything, even red wine, it will not seep into the fabric. It may dribble on top, allowing you to pat it dry, but it will not absorb into the fiber.
  • Sunbrella: This type of fabric typically goes on outdoor furniture and is both stain resistant and fade resistant.  This is the premiere fabric because it will not get any colorization into the fabric from a stain and is even powerful enough to handle bleach.


What Can Lee Industries Performance Fabrics Do For Your Furniture?

In short, the goal of these performance fabrics is to protect your furniture for long-term.  While most upholstery will need  to be replaced, these fabrics are long lasting.

Want to see these performance fabrics in action?  Stop by the store today!


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