Lee Industries Essentials, Configurations That Will Spark Up Your Style

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If you have been in the store as of late, you are keenly aware that one of my favorite upholstery companies is Lee Industries.  This dependable, reliable brand has always delivered the upmost in home furnishings.

We are happy to represent them in the store and are even more excited to announce a new offering.


What Is Lee Industries Essentials?


Lee Industries Essentials is a new line that allows you to get upholstery at a better price point. This is because, unlike regular Lee offerings, this is not 8-way hand tied.  In addition, you can only get it in certain frame styles.  For example, if you were considering arm length, then Essentials would allow you a sheltered arm, a track arm, or a rolled arm.  While there may be some limitations present, Lee Industries Essentials will still help you create a room that truly represents you.


How Lee Essentials Will Boost Your Design Profile


Did you know that for each of the frame types you choose from, Lee Essentials will offer you fabric to choose from?  This allows you to determine the fabric that will go on your arm, your back, and your foot.  In addition, you can also work many different types of configurations, which they will provide to you.  In the regular Lee Industries line, you would be looking at upwards of 3k for a piece, but with Lee Industries Essentials, your new price point is around $1700.


This is just one, of the many, reasons why we love Lee Industries.  Stop by the store to see how Lee Industries can work for your home decorating.  Remember, our staff is always eager to help.


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