Got A Larger Space In Your Master Bedroom? Try Creating A TV Nook


Master Bedrooms, and sometimes even additional sleeping areas, can often be extremely spacious.  If you only have a typical bed set, not only can this be lacking in design, but this can inadvertently make the room feel cold and uninviting.

When it comes to interior design, we home decorators like to take the opposite approach!  We want our space to feel lively and comforting – especially if it is the area we will be getting rest.

If you do have a large, spacious master bedroom, one aspect that I have found works really well is having a TV nook in one corner of the room.  This can be accomplished by making use of ottomans, chairs, and other small furniture.  Not only does it create it’s own unique space, but it helps to make the bed and sleep area that much more intimate.

Watch the video below to get inspired:

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  • Donna Dorrell
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