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We have some exciting news, we’ve just received new products from one of our vendors, LEE Industries. Their wood upholstered furniture just got interesting with the sectionals,sofas, sleepers, chairs and ottomans. The great thing about LEE’s sectionals is that you can customize the fabric you please and you can also pick the different dimensions that fit your style. For the sectional shown in the picture, you are able to choose from upholstery and leather fabrics. For a full and complete look you can add as many pillows as you please. To add more to your sofa you can go ahead and add a throw blanket, we all get a little cold here and there. 

Now lets talk about the amazing sleeper we just received, a two for one deal. This sleeper features no bars, no springs and no sagging, talk about a dream sofa. Your guest will thank you, you might even enjoy sleeping on it yourself. This sleeper comes in different sizes, small, queen and king. This sleeper also comes in upholstery and leather fabrics and it is a easily open sleeper. So if your space is limited this is a must have piece to have.
The chair below can also be customized in upholstery and leather but only comes in one comfortable size. Each chair has a matching ottoman that you can purchase individually. And this is just a few of the products that we have received, you have the ability to customize almost every detail you want.
If you are in need of some interior design expertise, stop by the showroom or give us a call at 936-828-3788.

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