Accessorizing Shelves 101

Decorating shelves sounds like a simple task, but can also be dreadful for people who don’t have that design eye. This blog will walk through simple steps to transform your shelves into looking like they were designed by a professional. First, you want want to lay out all of your accessories so you are able to see all possible options. These pieces should include a variety of texture, color, and size to achieve the best result (I personally like books to add eclectic sophistication). Be sure to include a few items that are meaningful; the best personality a space can have is your own.

Creating movement between pieces is a simple way for shelves to not feel static. Mix it up by placing items horizontal, such as books, to place smaller pieces on top to get some height. Move a sculpture or a picture frame at a slight diagonal to have variant angles. Larger picture frames can act as a background and a great way to add accents of color. Layering items is key to elevating your shelving. Try not to make everything symmetrical where two candles and a jar is on one side, and you have the same items mirroring on the other side. Add symmetry by placing items that balance out the volume of space without having the exact same pieces or the same height. Having the same height of every item can lead to less variation. Small plants, real or fake, can bring some warmth and an organic feel. 

Once everything is up on the shelves, take a step back and look from different perspectives. This will give new insight on if the shelves look balanced or if something catches your eye. Remember that not all possible pieces laid out have to be displayed. We all heard the advice before that once all your accessories are on to take one thing off. This is also suggested in the world of interior design so that it is not over-cluttered or over-designed. Now relax, your shelves are accessorized, and invite some friends over for a glass of wine to show off your newest addition to your home.

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Accessorizing Shelving
Accessorizing Shelving
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